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Golf is my Passion!

Golf has changed my life. 

Golf became much more than just a game for me. 

I became an above-knee amputee after having my leg amputated to remove an osteosarcoma tumour in my upper tibia on my left leg. 

When I first lost my leg, I faced an overwhelming sense of limitation. Everyday activities became challenging, and my confidence took a hit. 

Then my kids asked me to golf WITH them, instead of just driving them around on the golf cart. 

At first, the thought of playing seemed daunting and not possible, but I decided to give it a try. 

Learning to swing a club with a prosthetic leg required patience and adaptation, but with each practice session, I noticed significant improvements. 

Golf taught me that while my body had changed, my determination and ability to learn new skills had not.

Golf also played a pivotal role in my physical rehabilitation. The sport demands a combination of balance, coordination, and strength—all areas I needed to focus on after my amputation. Walking the on the greens, perfecting my swing, and playing rounds provided a fun and engaging way to build my stamina and agility. 

Unlike traditional physical therapy, golf made exercise enjoyable, which in turn accelerated my recovery process. The sport helped me regain my physical fitness and made me feel stronger than I had in years.

Mentally, golf brought about a profound shift in my perspective. The game is as much about mental fortitude as it is about physical prowess. It requires focus, patience, and strategic thinking. As I learned to navigate the challenges of the course, I found parallels to my own life journey. 

Overcoming obstacles on the green mirrored the resilience I needed in my everyday life. 

Golf taught me to stay calm under pressure, to think several steps ahead, and to always keep moving forward, no matter the setback.

Beyond personal growth, golf introduced me to a supportive community that welcomed me and made me feel like I belonged. I was so nervous and anxious walking out to the first tee for my first ever golf game as an amputee. There was no hiding it. You could spot me and my leg from a mile away. 

The inclusiveness of the people golfing around me that day surprised me. My long held unconscious bias that people with disabilities weren’t welcome on a golf course was challenged and I gained a whole new perspective. 

I also began organizing  adaptive golf clinics where I met other amputees and individuals with disabilities who inspired me with their stories and achievements. These relationships reinforced the belief that our limitations do not define us. 

Golf not only provided me with a new passion, but also became a vehicle for personal growth, resilience, and connection.

In essence, golf became a lifeline that redefined my perception of myself and my capabilities. It instilled in me a renewed sense of confidence and provided a pathway to both physical and emotional healing. The game turned a challenging chapter of my life into an empowering journey of growth and community. 

Golf did more than change my life for the better; it gave me a new lease on life.

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